The YCS Educational Division

YCS George Washington School (K-8)  Hackensack

The YCS Educational Division serves students, grades K–8, with diverse behavioral issues at the YCS George Washington School in Bergen County. Classified students come to the YCS schools through Child Study Team referrals or residential placements when a structured program is needed.

YCS teachers and administrators have developed a unique educational system where students gain emotional awareness and social competence, while developing the cognitive abilities necessary for success.

The academic environment is highly task-oriented. Class sizes are small and individual attention assures the success necessary to develop healthy self-esteem. We believe that each student has unique capabilities that can be developed when given the proper setting. Therefore, our students are encouraged to develop their abilities in gym, art, creative writing and music instruction.

The clinical component of the schools is a vital part of our program. Each child is assigned a therapist with whom he/she will meet individually and/or in group as per the Individual Education Plan (IEP). The clinician, in an effort to maximally serve each child, maintains frequent contact with family and any outside agency or service. Individualized and group treatments improve socialization skills, foster more appropriate behavior and responses, and promote self-awareness and personal competency.

Our program is implemented through a behavioral model, in which positive and negative behaviors are clearly delineated and rewards and consequences are consistent and fair.

The special education program that YCS offers in New Jersey could easily serve as a model for all education. The innovative approach to teaching attracts dedicated teachers who, in turn, create the right environment for educating children with special needs.

For More Information, Please Contact
Tatum Stein, Ed.D
Principal, YCS George Washington School

YCS Sawtelle Learning Center (ages 3-21) Montclair

The YCS-Sawtelle Learning Center offers outstanding educational and related services for students with autistic spectrum disorder, ages 3-21. The schools offer a high degree of structure, excellent staff to student ratio and the systematic use of behavioral teaching techniques. Every aspect of the student’s day incorporates the theories of applied behavior analysis (ABA) with an average of 3-3.5 hours of individualized instruction (discrete trial teaching) per day. A collaborative approach between teaching and related service professionals is utilized to maximize student progress. Educational, behavioral and related service goals are customized using our comprehensive language based curriculum to meet each student’s individual needs.

For More Information, please contact
Leisa Tomchek
VP,YCS Sawtelle Services
Principal, Sawtelle Learning Center

Each year, the YCS Education Division sponsors the YCS Blossoms Art Exhibition and Awards Presentation. The art work displayed from students at all our schools includes, paintings and drawings in mixed mediums, photography, sculptures, masks, collages, weavings from individual students and larger free standing group projects and videos. A combined student choir also performs.

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