Sawtelle Home

Sawtelle Children’s Homes

YCS Sawtelle Homes provide intensive behavioral interventions for children, ages 5-21, with developmental and intellectual disabilities (including autism and co-occurring behavioral and/or mental health challenges in a natural, home-like setting.

Loving, often overwhelmed, families turn to YCS when they are no longer able to manage their
children’s defiant, aggressive or self-injurious behaviors. Sawtelle Homes give family members peace of mind knowing that their children are learning how to manage their behaviors in a safe, and nurturing environment while they acquire the daily life and social skills necessary to be part of their communities.

Children have their own bedrooms, share family-style meals with staff and enjoy  one-on-one or group recreational activities.

Under the tutelage and supervision of an ABA therapist, our caring staff works intensely with each child to

  • support his/her positive functioning
  • manage and eliminate challenging behavior
  • increase home skills (including self care and activities of daily living)
  • improve leisure skills through community activities such as outings to a shopping center, park, restaurant or movie.

Staff is committed to engaging family members in this learning process whenever possible and making them feel welcome in the home.

Referrals are made through the Department of Children and Families
For further information please contact:

(973) 482-8411 x 106
(North & Central Jersey)

(Southern Jersey)