YCS History

In 2018

YCS opens the Sawtelle North Vale Home – a permanent home for 4 young men affected by autism.  YCS opens the Sawtelle Greenbrook Home – a permanent home for 4 young men affected by autism.  YCS opens the Sawtelle Willingboro Home II  – a permanent home for 4 young women affected by autism. YCS opens the Crisis Stabilization and Assessment Program I –  an intensive, short term residential program for 5 children 11 – 15 who are dually diagnosed with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges opens in Hammonton

In 2017

YCS opens the Sawtelle Willingboro Home – a permanent home for 4 young women affected by autism.

In 2016

YCS opens the Crisis Stabilization and Assessment Program – an intensive, short term residential program for 5 children 6 – 11 who are dually diagnosed with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges opens in Winslow YCS opens the Sawtelle Princeton Home – a permanent home for 4 young adult men affected by autism

In 2015

Two YCS Alliance of Services Sawtelle Homes open in Denville and Flanders. A third Sawtelle home for medically fragile young adults opens in Buena Vista.YCS received a federal grant called Life Choices to implement a fetal alcohol prevention and intervention for at risk mothers and high school students.YCS became a member of NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking and The Safe Shelter Collaborative.

In 2014

YCS Alliance of Services opens 3 Sawtelle Homes in Bridgewater and Randolph. 21st Century Learning Center opens at Eastside High in Paterson.

In 2013

YCS Alliance of Services opens its first Sawtelle Home for young men in West Orange. Nurse Family Partnership expands in Essex County and begins to serve new mothers in Morris County. Parents as Teachers, an in-home program for young at-risk families opens in Hudson County. YCS operates a behavioral health department in the Henry J. Austin Health Center in Trenton YCS receives Commission. YCS receives Commission for Accreditation for Residential Facilities (CARF) accreditation.

In 2012

YCS Alliance of Services formed with its first partner Our House, Inc. This gave YCS the ability to serve adults with developmental disabilities. YCS Emergency Capacity System Home opened in Somerset County. Alliance for the Betterment of Citizens with Disabilities (ABCD) grants YCS full membership. The HAPI Foundation becomes a permanent partner of the YCS Foundation.

In 2011

Dr. Helen May Strauss Clinic opens in Camden. First two Sawtelle Homes for young adults open in Paterson. Sawtelle Hall for children opens at the Holley Center.

In 2010

YCS Human rights Commission established to oversee Sawtelle residences. Working in partnership with the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities. YCS begins the process of opening five Sawtelle Homes for children and young adults with co-occurring behavioral challenges and intellectual and developmental disabilities. The residences will be in Camden, New Brunswick, Hackensack and Paterson. There is also a new Sawtelle Home Care program that works with families in the privacy of their homes.

In 2009

Jersey City and Lawn Ridge STAR (Successful Transition & Reintegration) programs for young men and women who are close to aging out of services but need additional therapeutic assistance to work towards independence. The Intensive In-Community Service program offers individual, group and family counseling and other mental health related services to children and families in their home.

In 2008

Evening and Weekend Pre-placement Physical Assessments for children birth – 21 allows children who were removed from their homes to get examined in a comforting atmosphere.

In 2007

The Nurse Family Partnership Program – Nurses guide women who are pregnant for the first time through their pregnancies to successful deliveries and continue in-home visits till their children are two. The Emergency Diagnostic Reception Unit (EDRU) is an innovative program designed by YCS to provide comprehensive assessments and clinical care to children at two YCS facilities. This program expedites the process of securing more permanent placements for children while also providing more clinical supports.

In 2006

Baby Steps Program initiated at the YCS Institute for Infant for Preschool Mental Health

In 2005

The first Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS) program of its kind opens at Holley Center. This program was hailed by former DHS Commissioner James M. Davy as an important first step in providing alternative placements and better treatment options for pre-teens with severe psychiatric needs.

In 2002

The 1st Annual Blossoms Art Exhibit featured the work of students from all the YCS schools. As its popularity grew and appreciation for the creativity of the students flowered, the exhibit was featured by the Bergen Performing Arts Center.

In 2000

The YCS Institute for Infant and Preschool Mental Health opens the first licensed clinic exclusively dedicated to infant and preschool mental health. As a national model, it offers professional training, clinical services and research and holds an annual professional conference each year.

In 1999

YCS establishes a satellite headquarters in the southern region of New Jersey. YCS South started out as a program for 4 treatment home families and today has expanded its services to include nine therapeutic residences, and various in- home and in-community mentoring and clinical services for more than 150 children.

In 1998

The YCS Foundation was established to ensure a brighter future for the children in the care of YCS by developing volunteer opportunities and private and corporate financial partnerships. With prevention and corrective measures in mind, the YCS Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC) partial care program was initiated for 3 to 5-year-olds needing help with cognitive, emotional, social issues.

In 1997

The YCS Aging-In Program was initiated for youths entering adulthood, who need to learn independent living, social and life skills in an emotionally supportive home environment.

In 1996

YCS Infant Foster Home Program initiated to provide foster homes for boarder babies and toddlers.

In 1995

YCS entered into the first joint venture to provide private education for autistic children within a school district. by opening the first Sawtelle Annex in Bergen County.

In 1994

YCS was selected by DYFS to provide supplemental education at Title I day care centers.

In 1992

YCS opens the Sawtelle Learning Center a school for children within the spectrum of autism in Montlair.

In 1990

YCS begins transitioning children who have responded well to clinical care in its therapeutic facilities to foster homes via YCS Specialized Foster Care and Adoption Services.

In 1988

With prevention and corrective measures in mind, the YCS Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC) partial care program was initiated for 3 to 5-year-olds needing help with cognitive, emotional, social issues in Essex County.

In 1987

Family Preservation Service is an innovative approach aimed at preventing out-of-home placements by providing in home therapeutic intervention and intensive counseling.

In 1971

The YCS Holley Child Care and Development Center was established as a therapeutic residence for children ages 5 – 13 with the belief that early intervention allows for more responsive treatment.

In 1956

YCS established a social work internship program in its residences for newly graduated social workers to meet the growing need for adequate staffing levels at feasible costs.

In 1948

As the first joint venture between the State of New Jersey and a private agency, YCS opened a group residence for young girls who were emotionally handicapped and wards of the state.

In 1939

Name officially changed to Youth Consultation Service with headquarters in Newark, NJ.

In 1932

Emphasis shifted to counseling young people through provision of a broad range of services.

In 1918

Origination as the Church Mission of Help of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark for abandoned women and children in the aftermath of World War I.