Foster Care
What Does a YCS Foster Parent Look Like?
  • Foster parents may all look very different, yet they all share a heart that is prepared to give a child understanding, patience, compassion, empathy, guidance, a strong arm to lean on and a warm embrace when times are tough.

  • We are here to help you become a Specialized Foster Home Parent. If you can provide a loving, safe and stable home for a child, or youth with the special needs, you may qualify to become YCS Specialized Foster home Family.

  • Caregivers receive a monthly stipend of up to $1,500 a month to care for their child as well as a clothing allowance, medical coverage and all the necessary therapeutic support services to insure your child gets the best care.

  • A foster child–no matter how young or old yearns for a parent’s love, protection and reassurance that everything’s is going to be OK.

  • A loving foster parent understands this and has that special ability to see through their child’s pain and challenges. A compassionate foster parent sees their child as a gift with unique strengths and abilities.

To learn more and discover if becoming a specialzed forter parent to a child with emotional/behavioral
challenges or intellectual and developmental delays is right for you, please call:   1-888-322-5437
If you live in northern or central Jersey 1-877-482-4453
If you live in the southern portion of the state, you are not alone. Your Personal clinical team is available 27/7