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The YCS Sawtelle Summer Enrichment Program for children with acute developmental disabilities/autism operates during the month of August. The program fills the gap between the end of the extended school year and the start of the new session in September. For many of these children, the lapse of time between school sessions can lead to a regression in learned skills.

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YCS Sawtelle Summer Enrichment Camp runs from July 31-August 18.
Cost for one week is $550; two weeks $1100; three weeks $1650
YCS provides lunch, snacks and the cost of outings.

Sawetlle Camp Enrichment activities include
Swimming, arts and crafts, Sports, Movement and music therapy, Food Preparation class, nature appreciation projects, picnics in the park bowling and more…

Although there are camps for children with special needs, it is no exaggeration to say that there are no camps prepared to serve children with serious behavior challenges like the YCS Sawtelle Summer Enrichment Program. For many parents, the Summer Enrichment Program is not a luxury but an essential tool for their child’s progress and well-being.

However, many families do not have the financial means to send their child to camp. Your donation to the YCS Sawtelle Camp appeal will provide them with tuition assistance.

At the age of three, Kental was diagnosed with an acute form of autism that not only took away his ability to speak but affected his ability to control his behavior. His parents were able to send Kental to camp last year, with tuition assistance. Getting Kental up, washed, dressed, and fed in the morning is no easy feat for his mother. But when he sees the YCS van come to pick him up for camp, he is eager to go. With a little extra help from staff, Kental is out of the house in no time and his mom can breathe a sigh of relief. Kental may not be able to speak but we do know how he feels about camp. The camp bus driver says as they near the camp, Kental begins to clap his hands in excitement.

Children with severe developmental disabilities are often times isolated when they are not in school. Camp keeps the children socially engaged. It is a safe place for them to have fun and share new experiences with their peers. They know how to reach children like Kental so they can enjoy swimming, nature walks, and more…

Many families do not have the financial means to send their child to camp.
Your donation to the YCS Sawtelle Camp appeal will provide tuition assistance to families in need. With your contribution, we can help many children like Kental attend camp.









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