TN Nursery Sakiyyah

My name is Sakiyyah Darden and I would like to briefly share with you how YCS Therapeutic Nursery not only helped my daughter Aniiya, but my entire family.

Aniiya was four years old when she began attending the Therapeutic Nursery Prior to her enrollment in the school, my lovely little girl was extremely active, she fidgeted or squirmed constantly. She had trouble staying seated and was often prone to tantrums. Because it was so difficult for me to manage Aniiya’s behavior, I avoided public outings and functions, like shopping, movies, birthday parties, and even church. This put a strain on my whole family.

Aniiya has so many wonderful qualities that were often completely overshadowed by her behaviors. Aniiya is very loving. If she saw that I or her brothers were upset, she’d try to comfort us. And, she always tried to help me around the house. She loves to dance and has a great imagination.

You can imagine how upsetting it was for me to hear that I shouldn’t enroll her in dance school because she’d disrupt the class.

In search of some way to help Aniiya, I began reading everything from Mommy blogs, parent m literature from our pediatrician’s office. I consulted my pediatrician and other professionals, but they could not provide a solution.

Finally, a family friend referred me to East Orange General Hospital. After a few sessions at the hospital, we were referred to YCS’s Therapeutic Nursery.

The staff at the Therapeutic Nursery worked hard to help me find strategies that would help manage Aniiya’s behavior. They provided me with support and the tools I needed to help my daughter and my family. I began to see significant changes in her behavior. Aniiya learned how to regulate her emotions and began to express herself in more constructive ways.

I participated in weekly sessions with Aniiya’s clinician and attended monthly parent discussions. Here I learned how to understand my daughter and how to help her channel her energy and emotions.

These changes in Aniiya’s behavior had a huge, positive impact on my entire family. For the first time, there was harmony in our home and we could go out as a family.

Aniiya was much happier. She focused better on the things she loves to do. She created little stories with drawings and began attending dance school.

I am proud to announce that my daughter recently performed in McDonald’s 32nd Annual Gospel Fest in front of an audience of thousands at Newark’s Prudential Center. Aniiya also performed at the dance school’s recital at the Newark Symphony Hall.

Most recently, at the Good-Bye Ceremony at the Therapeutic Nursery, Aniiya performed a solo dance that she created herself. The words to the song Aniiya danced to were fitting “It’s been a long way from where we began. . .”

It has definitely been long journey from the person Aniiya was to who she is now. I thank the Therapeutic Nursery and its amazing staff for helping my child along that journey and encouraging her to continue working toward success. I will truly miss everyone at the Nursery.

YCS opened the doors for Aniiya to be amazing. And, now, let me introduce you to Aniiya. Thank you!