YCS History

In 2018

YCS Sawtelle homes open for young adults in Northvale, Greenbrook, and Willingboro, and a Crisis Stabilization and Assessment program opens for children in Hammonton.

In 2017

YCS Sawtelle home opens for young women in Willingboro. 

In 2016

YCS Sawtelle home opens for young adults in Princeton and a Crisis Stabilization and Assessment program opens for children in Winslow.

In 2015

YCS Sawtelle homes open for adults in Denville and Flanders and a third home for medically fragile adults opens in Buena Vista. YCS becomes a member of the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking and the Safe Shelter Collaborative.

In 2014

Two YCS Sawwtelle homes open for young adults in Bridgewater and a third Sawtelle   home opens in Randolph. YCS receives a grant to open the 21st Century Learning program at East Side High School in Paterson.

In 2013

A Sawtelle home opens for young men in West Orange. Nurse Family Partnership expands in Essex County and begins to serve new mothers in Morris County. Parents as Teachers program opens in Hudson County. YCS receives accreditation from CARF.

In 2012

YCS Sawtelle Emergency Capacity System Home opens in Somerset.

In 2011

 YCS opens the first two Sawtelle homes for young adults in Paterson, Sawtelle Hall opens for children at the Holley Center, and a Sawtelle home for children opens in New Brunswick.

In 2010

YCS establishes a Human Rights Commission to oversee all Sawtelle residents. The first YCS Sawtelle home opens for children in Camden.

In 2007

Nurse Family Partnership opens in Essex County and the Emergency Diagnostic Reception Unit (EDRU) residence opens in Newark.

In 2006

Baby Steps Program initiated at the Institute of Infant and Preschool Mental Health. A YCS Intensive Residential Treatment Program (IRTS) opens on the Kilbarchan Campus.

In 2005

The first YCS Intensive Residential Treatment Program (IRTS) opens at the Holley Center.

In 2004

Psychiatric Children’s Homes for adolescents open in Haddon Heights and Vineland

In 2003

Psychiatric Children’s Homes for adolescents open in Farmingdale and Sicklerville

In 2002

YCS Education Division hosts the first annual Blossoms Art Exhibit. The Voorhees specialty bed (SPEC) home opens.

In 2000

The YCS Institute for Infant and Preschool Mental Health opens in East Orange. It is the first mental health clinic for infants in the state. YCS assumes responsibility for the Cedarbrook Psychiatric Children’s Home.

In 1999

YCS establishes a satellite office in the southern region of New Jersey and initiates Specialized Foster Care Program.

In 1998

The YCS Foundation was established. YCS Psychiatric Children’s Homes (Laurie Haven) in Edison and (Malcolm House) in Orange are opened.

In 1997

YCS initiates an Aging In residential program for adolescents, and assumes responsibility for the Kilbarchan Residential Treatment Center (RTC) in Paterson

In 1992

YCS opens the Sawtelle Learning Center a school for children within the spectrum of autism in Montlair.

In 1990

YCS established the first Specialized Foster Care Program in the state.

In 1988

YCS opens Davis House, a Psychiatric Children’s Home in Newark. YCS initiates the first sleep away camp for children in its residential programs.

In 1987

A YCS SPEC home for adolescents opens in New Brunswick

In 1971

The YCS Holley Child Care and Development Center was established as a therapeutic residence for children ages 5 – 13 with the belief that early intervention allows for more responsive treatment.

In 1956

YCS becomes incorporated as a private non-profit non sectarian social services agency. YCS established a social work internship program in its residences for newly graduated social workers.

In 1948

As the first joint venture between the State of New Jersey and a private agency, YCS opened a group residence for young girls who were emotionally handicapped and wards of the state.

In 1939

Name officially changed to Youth Consultation Service with headquarters in Newark, NJ.

In 1932

Emphasis shifted to counseling young people through provision of a broad range of services.

In 1918

YCS originated from the church mission of help of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark for abandoned women and children.