YCS Board of Trustees

As a not-for-profit 503c organization, YCS is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees. The Board consists of leaders from various industries and persons concerned with the welfare of children and their families. The Board is led by a Chairperson and six Officers. The President, who manages the operation of the agency, also sits on the Board.

YCS, Inc. Board

Chairperson: John Uzzi
Vice Chairperson: Faye Samuels
Treasurer: Herb Ouida
Secretary: Catherine Tamburello
President/CEO: Tara Augustine
Dominick Bratti, Esq.
Kristene Denning
Bruce Egert, Esq.
Mindy Michaels Roth, Esq.
Richard DeLuca
YCS Foundation Board

Chairperson: Bruce Egert, Esq.
Vice Chairperson: Vanessa Tyler
Treasurer: John Uzzi
Secretary: Nancy Dweck
Presiden/CEO: Tara Augustine
Dominick Bratti, Esq.
Kristene Denning
Ludmila K Golad JD,AED
Steve Grossman
Ellen Jacobs
Peggy Kabakow
Bernie Koster
Faye Samuels
Robin Cannata
Jonathan P. Durant
YCS Honorary Trustees 

Burt Augustensen
Bruce K. Byers
James R. Farrell
Dallas Garbee
Brian N. Lokker
Barbara H. Malcolm
Elizabeth R. Perkins
Elsie N. Pilgrim
Elayne Rosen
Joan Rosenbaum
John R. Smith
Fran Tobin
Harold Williams
Ex Officio

Northern Region Advisory Council:  Don Trichon
Central Region Advisory Council:   Chuck DiPietro