Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving

There are many financial vehicles that can be put into place to help insure that YCS will continue to provide help and counsel to children in need for many years to come.

Cash – This gift is an immediate and powerful way to insure the future of YCS and our ability to serve New Jersey’s children in need.

Bequests – By naming YCS in your will or living trust you give a gift that will insure the safety of New Jersey’s vulnerable children beyond your lifetime.

Life Insurance – When you name YCS as the beneficiary of one of your life insurance policies, you demonstrates your commitment to helping the children of New Jersey well into the future.

DISCLAIMER: Youth Consultation Service or its employees do not offer financial or legal advice. We strongly recommend that if you wish to learn more about how to include YCS in your tax and estate planning, you speak to your financial advisor or insurance expert.

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