When your child is affected by autism or other developmental disabilities, you want a program that understands your needs  and will always be there for you.

YCS Sawtelle offers an array of services including:

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Learning Centers

  • 1-on-1 Instruction for Preschoolers
  • ABA Methodology
  • Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • Transition Plan/Job Training
  • In-Home Consultations
  • Family Support

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Sawtelle In-Home Care

Sawtelle homes give family members peace of mind knowing that their children (5and up) are safe and protected in our nurturing home-like environment as they learn how to control their behaviors and acquire daily living skills.

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Sawtelle Residential Care

Intensive services for children (5-21) and family support to improve the child’s positive functioning in the home; manage and eliminate challenging behaviors, improve self care and daily living.

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  • YCS Sawtelle Services offers educational. in-home, and residential care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities from birth through adulthood. Using ABA methodology, our professional staff specializes in assisting individuals with co-occurring behavioral health and mental health challenges.
  • The YCS Sawtelle Approach Our ABA teams understand that every individual has unique strengths, abilities and needs. With this in mind, our staff utilizes a small steps teaching method that helps and adjunct therapies to build on an individual’s skills while developing competencies in self care, social interactions, and daily living and recreational activities.
  • The YCS Institute for Infant and Preschool Mental Health is also equipped to provide evaluations for parents who children birth – 6 who are concerned about their child’s development.
  • Sawtelle Residences for young adults 21 and over
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YCS-Sawtelle Learning Center
208 S. Mountain Avenue
Montclair, NJ 07042
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